Our dream is to create a wide variety of natural designs,
intended to illicit genuine feelings of comfort and ease.
We want our designs to be reminiscent of the feeling you have
when walking barefoot over a neatly trimmed lawn or along a sandy beach.
The feeling of freedom while cruising aimlessly along the open road.
The passing scenery and music, blending together into
an inseparable mixture of pleasure and relaxation.
Or the peaceful sensation of watching the passing of time reflected
in your neighborhood trees.
Creating momentary respites from our modern world and
allowing us to resynchronize our heart and mind with nature's rhythm.
We want to share our natural design philosophy with everyone
seeking to indulge in a soothing and inclusive experience.
trim will carefully nurture these seeds of design,
to create truly timeless pieces for our clients.
trim Ltd.


trim Ltd.
Location: Chuo-ku, Osaka Minamisenba 2-4-8 Nagahori Plaza Building 5F
Company President: Katsunori Matsuzawa
Number of employees: 13 (2015 June)
Creative Director | Art Director | Designer
Founding Capital: 20,000,000 yen

Business Focuses:
Graphic design | Logo design | Package design Web design |
Illustration | Video production | Translation & Localization | Copywriting | Other


2005.06.07 trim Design Established
2007.11.19 New office opened
2015.06.07 10th anniversary


〒542-0081 Chuo-ku, Osaka Minamisenba 2-4-8 Nagahori Plaza Building 5F
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